May 12, 2010

Artist of the Day: Dj Scientist

Over the past years, DJ Scientist has become an important figure in the German Hip-Hop and Electronic scene. Running two labels (Equinox and Audiac) and publishing a magazine (DEAD Magazine), he still takes his time to dj at clubs, release mixes, expand his record collection and, last but not least, produce music.

Starting his DJ-career in 1995 and releasing several mixtapes to spread his name in his home town of Munich, he put out his first record in 2001 – a dj tool called “Mad Science Breaks”. One year later the dark and melancholic Misantropolis EP, mainly produced by him, was the first release on Audiac. Since then, DJ Scientist put his main effort into his label Equinox Records, which now has its headquarters in Berlin. In 2005 he produced 3 tracks for the critically acclaimed “Welcome to the Neo Golden Age – A Sound Exposure Vol.1” Compilation. Being part of the Equinox 10inch Series, his 4 track “Journey Goodbye EP” (2006) contained the outstanding “Atarius” as well as the soulful and bluesy “Autumn Leaves”. Both tracks are considered underground instrumental hip-hop classics.

During his career, Scientist has performed with artists such as Sage Francis, The Pharcyde, Noah23, M.I.A., DJ Faust & DJ Shortee, Ceschi Ramos, Sole & The Skyrider Band, Egyptian Lover, Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop, DiViNCi (of Sol.illaquists of Sound), Subtitle, Boca45, Geste, The Tape, Thesis Sahib, Busy Bee, Wildchild, DJ Static, 88:Komaflash, and many others.

Although DJ Scientist is mainly known for his instrumental productions he has recorded songs with hiphop artists like Ceschi, 2Mex (of Visionaries), Myka 9 (of Freestyle Fellowship), Awol One (of Shape Shifters), Noah23, among others (Equinox). 

You can listen to Dj Scientist's music at:

Released Albums:
Dj Scientist - Journey Goodbye Ep
Dj Scientist - Mad Science Breaks
Dj Scientist - One Year and a Day - Promo Mix

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