May 17, 2010

Artist of the Day: Joe Beats

Joe Beats is a sample based producer most known for his work with Sage Francis to make up the duo Non-Prophets.

Since, he has released a myriad of material. His solo efforts mainly consist of Indie Rock Blues (a remix album of indie rock) and Diverse Recourse which is the follow up to his earlier album Reverse Discourse.

His production credits are listed under many like aliases: Joey Beats, The Joe Beats Experiment, The Joe Beats Conspiracy, The Joe Beats Trio, Joey “Nose” Beats, Joe Beats & Blak, Non-Prophets, etc.

Joe Beats performs all of his music live with twin sp-404 samplers. An interesting tidbit is he refuses to play on stage. The main sentiment being the audience has the option to see exactly what he’s doing on the samplers during the performance.

For the past two years he’s been seen on the road with emcee Blak Lungz (formerly of Florida Jungle Hop band One Drop). Together they’ve released two preliminary EP’s leading up to their debut LP and have done four tours -mainly on the east coast (, 2010).

You can listen to Joe Beats' music at:

Released Albums:
Joe Beats - Diverse Recourse
Joe Beats - Reverse Discourse
Joe Beats - Hopestrumentals

(2010). Joe Beats. Retrieved from

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