August 20, 2010

Artist of the Day: Backini

Backini is the Marty McFly of the downtempo beat, his ever evoloving sound distils a century of pop music into a seamless and satisfying whole. Building on the success of last terms lauded debut ˜Threads", Rob Quickenden's empire now incorporates an energetic and fascinating live extravaganza.

With his Zen like philosophy of anything goes. Backini has traded the well trodden route of sampling funk 45's in favour of slipping between the sheets with the likes of the Andrews Sisters.

Weaving an elegant web of lush samples and sonics Backini manages to evoke images of 1940's big bands, 50's bebop and 70's pop divas.The feelgood factor of his work is never far away, but there's a distinctly ironic darkness to the overall vibe.

Always looking to buck the trend, always expect the unexpected with Backini. He has developed the sample based sound of his debut album to incorporate rappers, guitarists, and the proverbial kitsch-in-sink, but refuses to compromise on his catchy, hummable manifesto, one of many policies that sets him apart from generic back benchers that can often lead us to spoil our ballot papers (Lumenessence Recordings).

You can listen to Backini's music at:

Released Albums:
Backini - Dreamer EP
Backini - Threads
Backini - Re: Creation

Backini. Lumenessence Recordings. Retrieved from

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