September 26, 2010

Artist of the Day: 9th Cloud

Turntable’s spinning to the warm intonations of A Tribe Called Quest, Cam, and Pete Rock… 9th Cloud progressed with the supplementary emotional dimension discovered via the blues, trip hop, DJ Shadow and Krush , and in the end-result, found its residence in Abstract hip hop .

9th Cloud mixes and composes in a spontaneous and creative manner, highlighted with groove, nourished by tone’s within jazz and funk; music offering incredible possibilities to spontaneous creations and interpretations.

A gloomy yet smiley approach of Abstract hip hop; without having any pretension of re-inventing the genre, this work gives off a particular state-of-mind through hypnotic vibrations.

9th Cloud proposes its interpretation, purely and surprisingly, just like he wishes to reproduce during his live sets (, 2010).

You can listen to 9th Cloud's music at:

Released Albums:
9th Cloud - Delicate Sound
9th Cloud - A Monkey In a Yellow Hat

(2010). 9th Cloud. Retrieved from

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