November 3, 2010

Artist of the Day: AFTA-1

A F T A 1:

The universe is composed of L I G HT and V I B R A T I O N

Through C O L O R, the infinite variations of light manifest. Through S O U N D, the infinite variations of vibration manifest. Through light, love is seen. Through vibration love is felt. Through love, light and vibration are 1. Love is 1; the God energy from which these two life elements are born. As vessels chosen to carry this center frequency, what we create is not of us. It comes “AFTA 1.” As a direct result of the transmission of pure, untainted L O V E.

I am only a vessel of that love. Blessed with the gift of translation; love to music, sound to color. Born of loving parents, student of love by way of my loved ones, selector, creator. I am just as you are, one with the gift of life, who’s purpose it is to live it and be inspired by it. So that I many inspire those around me. I Manuel Alejandro Moran, am spirit, body and mind. AFTA 1 is Love. Love is Real (, 2010).

You can listen to AFTA-1's music at:

Released Albums:
AFTA-1 - Aftathoughts Vol. 1
AFTA-1 - Form
AFTA-1 - H(eye)Land EP

(2010). AFTA-1. Retrieved from

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