December 12, 2010

Artist of the Day: Swede:art

Swede:art’s origins are based in 90s boom bap themes but developed since electronical music is spreading like these days to directions, which are formally based on 90 bpm productions but can’t be compared with old stuff from classical hiphop material.

His productions can’t be defined through genres nowadays but they’re linked to a “movement”, which is often called just “BEATS” from former heads, focusing on up and coming bedroom producers in electronical future beats after dilla. 

Strongly influenced from new generation warps like flying lotus, hudson mohawke, rustie and more skewing soundscapes are also matter as the typical warm and soulful drumset beyond the rustle. At 19, he’s definitely sharing in future stuff, especially considering collaborations with other producers and vocalists from Germany and worldwide (, 2010).

You can listen to Swede:art's music at:

Released Albums:
Swede:art - Emotional Colors

(2010). Swede:art. Retrieved from

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