January 1, 2011

Artist of the Day: Glen Porter

Hailing from Huntington Beach, California, Ryan Stephenson under the Glen Porter moniker started producing music four years ago with the help of some friends and dusty records from the dollar crates. Influenced by Sixtoo, Buck 65, and Keola, Stephenson crafts his own sound out of disjointed guitars, sinister beats and harmonic atmospherics. When asked about his alias, he produced the following explanation: “Originality found itself on the edge of death, ready for suicidal sentiments until something came from Glen Porter’s broadcast. Changed the tide, sent his thoughts towards the epicenter of self-demise so he could kill this reliance on the past to explain personal nature. Answers never found, understanding such concepts are in the sound of silence during passionate day dreams. Cannibalizing the self soon became a fading memory, no longer held by the desire to explain things, he was left to create a symphony no one would ever hear until his heartfelt intent could be felt with the slightest gesture of turning the middle finger up so it meant love” (Inner Current).

You can listen to Glen Porter's music at:

Released Albums:
Glen Porter - Blessed by a Young Death
Glen Porter - Falling Down
Glen Porter - Something Glue EP

Glen Porter. Inner Current. Retrieved from http://www.innercurrent.com/artists/

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