January 6, 2011

Artist of the Day: Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguin is America’s premier electro jam squadron. They produce a fine mixture of found sounds, samples, beats, and loops. Theirs is a bicoastal electro/turbo-bleep group, the two coasts being Chicago’s Lake Michigan and a creek which runs by Stanke Manor in central Indiana. Starting as a series of bizarre experiments involving primitive sampling techniques and frozen pizza, the tympanic duo of Melvoin Stanke and DJ Lazlo Minimart has rapidly evolved into a full-service jam factory, cranking out hit after hit. The time of Emperor Penguin is now! Expect victory.

Emperor Penguin introduced their fun-loving analog-happy synth-funk to the world back in 1999 with a release called Shatter the Illusion of Integrity, Yeah on My Pal God Records. The campy sounds of “Area White” can be found there. The rather alarming drum and bass shuffle “Stephen Hawking Vs. the Galactons” is from the duo’s second album, Extreme Gaming, which also surfaced in ‘99, a few months after their debut. In 2000, the prolific pair went on to release Mysterious Pony, which contained “Chill or Be Chilled,” and in 2001 they released their Damn! EP, a collection of extremely damaged robotica which features the vocoder-happy disco send-up “Disco Party in the Castle of Love (Tonight)” (Last.fm, 2011).

You can listen to Emperor Penguin's music at:

Released Albums:
Emperor Penguin - Shatter the Illusion of Integrity, Yeah
Emperor Penguin - Extreme Gaming
Emperor Penguin - Mysterious Pony
Emperor Penguin - Damn EP

(2011). Emperor Penguin. Last.fm. Retrieved from http://www.last.fm/music/Emperor+Penguin

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