January 10, 2011

Artist of the Day: Sofalofa

Since establishing Bathysphere in 1998 and the downtempo label Deep-Water Recordings a year later, Sofalofa [aka] Chris Cousin has produced for the likes of Hint, Normal Position and Monkey Magic as well as performing in the folktronic outfit Chin Chin at festivals including The Big Chill and Summer Sundae.

Sofalofa marries lush, cinematic soundscapes with equal measures of breaks and glitches, captivating audiences on the dancefloor and appealing to fans of ambient and IDM music alike. His releases for the Deep-Water / Bathysphere Recordings label have secured their place in the record boxes of Big Chill DJ’s such as Mixmaster Morris and Pete Lawrence along with DJ Pathaan and Jon Kennedy. His tracks have appeared on the Ai compilation ‘Station’ and Fabric’s ‘Amalgamation of Soundz’, receiving rave reviews from DJ Magazine and XFM’s Nick Luscombe amongst many others.

Using a combination of vintage outboard equipment and a huge array of plug ins, Sofalofa meticulously treats each individual sound to the extent that the electronic trickery is almost transparent. Found sounds and classical instruments like oboe, cello and piano are twisted and morphed with granulated reverbs transporting each element into fractured space. His sound has been likened to that of Remote Viewer, Four Tet and early Plaid with melody and subtlety playing an integral part in their music (Last.fm, 2011).

You can listen to Sofalofa's music at:

Released Albums:
Sofalofa - Mellifluous
Sofalofa - Pickled Think EP

(2011). Sofalofa. Last.fm. Retrieved from http://www.last.fm/music/Sofalofa

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