August 1, 2010

Artist of the Day: Saru (producer)

Los Angeles Producer / DJ / Volunteer Monkey Ranger SARU spends one month each year trekking through the mountains of Nepal searching for rare herbs. Are they in between a baboon's brow, under a long forgotten trading card, or possibly in the folds of a sequined prayer robe? Who knows. He seeks these rare and mystical plants for a magic elixir that will one day wash away the woes of the world. Someday he'll find the elusive ingredients. In the meantime he settles for twisting vinyl discs into eighty-minute mandalas and brewing his special tincture of throat-soothing beats (Downtempo Dojo, 2009) .

You can listen to Saru's music at:

Released Albums:
Saru - Downtempo Dojo
Saru - Tsunami
Saru - Machine
Saru - Reboot EP
Saru - Trap EP
Saru - The Pearl
(2009). Saru. Downtempo Dojo. Retrieved from

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