August 5, 2010

Artist of the Day: Victor Malloy

Victor Malloy makes strange & beautiful music whilst overlooking the sea. He’s recorded two Albums under the pseudonym Victor Malloy, collaborating with singer/songwriters Kenny McCracken and Fionn Regan, along with lots of other musicians. Malloy collects sounds, and can sometimes be spotted roaming the streets, snatching soundbytes to twist and use later in his music. He once recorded an over excited prostitute who had left her window open in the flat above him. She ended up featuring on his first album. No one is safe. He likes to do music for films finding it nice having something visual to write to. You can buy victor malloy at if you do so wish. Malloy also records under his Cuban alter ego ‘Hugo Maldoro’. Maldoro means Bad Gold (, 2010).

You can listen to Victor Malloy's music at:

Released Albums:
Victor Malloy - The Musings of Monsieur Malloy
Victor Malloy - Lions and Tigers and Bears
Victor Malloy - Trying Ep

(2010). Victor Malloy. Retrieved from

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