September 13, 2010

Artist of the Day: Dayeve Xienze

Hailing from Southern California, Dayeve Xienze, real name Dayeve Masangcay is a skilled underground hip hop and trip hop disc jockey, who loves to make sample-based music with a touch of acoustic guitar and keyboard ever since 1998. His music can be considered abstract, experimental, distinctive, eccentric, weird and wonderful. It can be categorize as trip hop, underground hip hop, turntablism, breakbeats, electronica, cinematic, avant garde, film score, and space age (, 2010).

You can listen to Dayeve Xienze's music at:

Free downloadable albums at:

Released Albums:
Dayeve Xienze - Elan Vital
Dayeve Xienze - The Flight of the Lotus Eaters
Dayeve Xienze - The Elysian Galaxy
Dayeve Xienze - Ernest Gonzales - Been Meaning to Tell You, Dayeve Xienze Remixes
Dayeve Xienze - JANRYAN EP
Dayeve Xienze - A Star-Crossed Meretrix
Dayeve Xienze - Poles Apart EP

(2010). Dayeve Xienze. Retrieved from

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