September 6, 2010

Artist of the Day: Kenichiro Nishihara

Kenichiro Nishihara (西原健一郎) is a Japanese producer with a yen for jazz and hip-hop. But in his capacity as a keyboardist, he also shows a keen ear for incorporating a little classicism into 2008’s Humming Jazz . And while it might be just a big lightweight for your average hip-hopper, it’s an interesting detour nonetheless.

Kicking off with a samba-meets-jungle-lite “Nebulosa,” Humming Jazz is constantly switching gears from piano-based, house-inflected hip-hop (“Heart”) to straight-ahead R&B (“Rain Falls”) to jazz shuffle (“Step Out”) (, 2010).

You can listen to Kenichiro Nishihara's music at:

Released Albums:
Kenichiro Nishihara - A CHARATAN, A FRAUD, A FAKER, A QUACK
Kenichiro Nishihara - Humming Jazz
Kenichiro Nishihara - Life

(2010). Kenichiro Nishihara. Retrieved from

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