May 27, 2010

Artist of the Day: Harmonic 313

Grown up in Yeovil, a true West Country Boy - heavily attracted to the new sounds of Techno coming out of Detroit and anything with the funk as well as soundtracks and library music and most other aural weirdness.

Apart from a brief diversion into the culinary world, Mark was irresistibly drawn towards music making and that's where he is today. Responsible for many classics, he has gained respect and admiration from a committed fan-base, critics as well as fellow musicians. Very early in his career he found like-minded people in Tom Middleton and Richard James (Aphex Twin).

With Tom he went on to set up the seminal Evolution label (named after the Carl Craig track) dedicated to the pioneering of Techno and Electronica. The label encouraged a very high level of experimentation with its no-compromise stance.

This combination produced some amazing music but was fiercely non-commercial in its approach, which ultimately led to it's demise. An acclaimed compilation of the label was released on Warp.

Concentrating on his own music Mark embarked on the Global Communication project, along with Tom Middleton- making deep, ambient music, incorporating the emotional soundscapes that became a signature of their work. Highly challenging whilst remaining beautiful the project took ambient music to another level, and introduced them to a whole new audience whilst winning massive critical accl.. 'best ambient album of the decade' The Guardian.

Separately Mark worked on his Reload project for Creation, a highly experimental work of Techno/ Ambient/Soundtrack that described journeys into inner and outer space. The follow up to this album is eagerly awaited and anticipated for release in 2007! on Warp.

Following this came the Link - E621 12" release on Warp. And another label with Tom named 'Universal Language' with the same ideals and pioneering attitude of Evolution. The two released the Jedi Knights album through this label and became known for no-messing heavy beats and bass lines combined with an inimitable funkiness. They also incorporated elements of hip-hop and electro giving them a distinctive and instantly recognizable sound.

Shortly after came the classic chameleon Link 12'' for Good Looking records which became an anthem at Speed (LTJ Bukem and Fabios club night).

As their reputation grew they picked up remix work together, producing amazing reinterpretations of Lamb and Azymuth and Warp 69. Meanwhile, Mark developed his own midtempo sound, which can be heard on his remixes for Orb /Stereopeople /Cosmos/ KRS-1/ Tribe Called Quest, which have all become underground classics.

Work in progress includes the Use of Weapons (Drum and Bass) for Droppin Science records who Mark also records as Vertigo with Danny Breaks. Working simultaneously for a variety of different labels, has Mark going cross genre and taking his sound to the next level.

Given a chance to fully explore his love of Hip Hop and easy listening- he has produced his Harmonic 33 EP on Alphabet Zoo records which is an offshoot of Droppin Science records.

Named after the frequency produced by planets turning on their axes, which it is believed other beings use to navigate the universe - the name betrays his deep interest in outer space and in discovery and science fiction. Using a seductive 60s easy listening vibe combined with weird science Mark has produced some of the most interesting instrumental hip-hop to come out of the UK recently.

Whatever the genre Mark's work has been characterized by his ability to of giving the music more room to get funky, and producing deeply emotional, and twisted sounds - guaranteed to get your groove on!

After a long standing relationship with Far Out Recordings and his involvement in various production and re-mix work, Mark had developed a new sound. The natural progression for Mark was to record an album for Far Out Recordings of futuristic techno funk, tinged with Electro, hip hop and Latin: Trouble Man (RCRD LBL, 2010).

You can listen to Harmonic 313's music at:

Released Albums:
Harmonic 313 - Dirtbox Ep
Harmonic 313 - When Machine Exceeds Human Intelligence

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