May 10, 2010

Artist of the Day: Dj Signify

DJ Signify of Brooklyn, NY, first came to people's attention in the mid 90s with the infamous mixtape releases, "Signifyin' Breaks" and "Mixed Messages". Both ... efforts were universally cited for bringing a thrust of forward thinking where actual composition and hands on cut and paste techniques were the order of the day. During this time he was invited by Mr. Dibbs to join the legendary 1200 Hobos crew.

In 2004 Signify showcased a seamless transition into production with his debut album, "Sleep No More". The project featured Buck 65 and Sage Francis, narrating over Signify's minimalist beat landscape. The sounds evoked a dark and barren environment that inadvertently challenged the status quo of instrumental/independent hip hop. Subsequently, Signify has released a slew of 45's and toured /collaborated with the likes of everyone from Blockhead and Steinski to Joe Beats and GrandMaster Caz, to name a few.

Signify's latest release, "Of Cities", is his most evolved and realised record to date. Although he stays true to his hip hop core, there are a multitude of palatable influences ranging from Krautrock to Glitch to early 90's Hip hop to New Wave. Once again, he effortlessly nestles his drum-heavy signature style into new musical territory. Factor in two lead contributions by Aesop Rock and this album is sure to please fans of beats and beyond (RCRD LBL).

You can listen to Dj Signify's music at:

Released Albums:
Dj Signify - Sleep No More
Dj Signify - Of Cities

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