June 9, 2010

Artist of the Day: Jon Kennedy The Producer

I'd like to introduce you to an artist who is climbing up the ranks of the music loving masses.... he goes by the name of Jon Kennedy.

Almost certainly one of the 3 most talented men in all of Stockport. Jon is a man on a musical mission. What the end result may be remains a bit of a mystery, not least to the man himself but rest assured it includes an enormous bag of breath-takingly beautiful tunes, copious rump-shakingly fine dancefloor corkers and a hatful of innovative ideas bordering on musical genius.
He's certainly a talented chap.

Autumn 2002 Jon joined the Grand Central family. Bred a stone’s throw from GCHQ, his childhood in Stockport was characterized by exposure to new and interesting music, as a function of his parents’ enthusiasm for the pioneering artists of their day. Jon cites Peter Frampton, Electric Light Orchestra, David Essex and Geoff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds” (check out the H.G. Wells classic !) as early influences. His taste would in part be shaped also by his brother’s musical excavations, which brought him into contact with more guitar-centric bands like KISS and AC/DC.


His DJ style is varied but always geared to the dancefloor. Jon has travelled the globe with his records, making it as far afield as China, Malaysia and Japan and can be found DJing at various clubs and bars around EUROPE on a regular basis.


Jon is currently enrolling brand new players in his band. Including digital genius' and highly rhytmical children.
The hope is that the show will become increasingly live so that the musicians can work through the grooves together with the crowd: “Once I figure out how to get all the sounds live (either triggered or played), it will free me up so much more – then I can really let go of myself”. As it is though, you’d be mistaken to assume that Jon Kennedy Live is merely a reproduction of studio-produced material: “I spend hours preparing the backing for live gigs so don’t be thinking I just get on stage and hit stuff for an hour or so" (GCHQ & Chitty, 2009)!

You can listen to Jon Kennedy's music at:

Released Albums:
Jon Kennedy - No T.V. Ep
Jon Kennedy - We're Just Waiting For You Now
Jon Kennedy - Take My Drum To England
Jon Kennedy - On The Both Days Ep
Jon Kennedy - Useless Wooden Toys
Jon Kennedy - Demons Ep
Jon Kennedy - 14

GCHQ, & Chitty, M. (2009). Jon Kennedy. Jon Kennedy. Retrieved from

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