June 28, 2010

Artist of the Day: Rob The Viking

Rob The Vikings hails from beautiful Gabriola Island in British Colombia. He started off his hip hop career as an emcee in the group known as the Telepathics. (Midnight & Deluxe). He went by the name Uniik Natural. The name ’Rob The Viking’ was given to him by Mad Child, for obvious reasons.

Rob’s natural talent and ability on the piano as well as his love for all types of music led him into the production end of things. His ability to manipulate samples and combine them with beats and compositions of his own is amazing. In July of 2002, this talent earned him the title of ’Best Producer’ from the Urban Music Association of Canada. (UMAC). Despite his young age, he has already produced tracks for some very heavy hitting artists. These include : Abstract Rude, LMNO, Sweatshop Union, Buc Fifty, Son Doobie, Mr. Brady and of course Swollen Members. After being Swollen Member’s in house producer and tour DJ, Rob the viking became an official group member, along with Moka only, in the summer of 2002 (Hip Hop Galaxy, 2003).

You can listen to Rob The Viking's music at:

Released Albums:
Rob The Viking - Beats To Pillage and Conquer By

(2003, January 24). Rob The Viking. Hip Hop Galaxy. Retrieved from

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