June 20, 2010

Artist of the Day: Lukid

Lukid is Luke Blair. He is from North London. He is not related to Tony Blair. Lukid makes music on his computer. So far he has released an album called ‘Onandon’, an EP called ‘The Now’, and another album called ‘Foma.’ These platters were released on a record label called ‘Werk Discs' (Last.fm, 2010).

Luke Blair’s music has steadily found its following amongst the ever expanding group of today’s hip hop enthusiasts who are embracing the wobble and pomp of modern day hip hop instrumentals made public by people like Flying Lotus and his MPC armed cohorts like Samiyam, TAKE and Sir Hudson of Mohawke. When I first really ‘heard’ him it was a true moment of epiphany; a late night car journey as a passenger, drifting off into thought as the cascades of swells and stuttering drum patterns peppered my ears with the soothing sentiment Blair’s music oozes out of every note (Gordon, 2009).

You can listen to Lukid's music at:

Released Albums:
Lukid - Foma
Lukid - Onandon
Lukid - The Now Ep

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