June 26, 2010

Artist of the Day: The Opus

The Opus is comprised of Mr. Echoes a.k.a. Fanum, and The Isle of Weight, two producers that combine their haunting styles with penetrating sounds. This production team constructs its elaborate sounds with depth and passion in such a way that listeners' deepest emotions are stirred.

After working individually for some time, the two producers decided to combine their styles of production. Shortly after, Mr. Echoes and The Isle of Weight ventured into projects with several lyricists to compliment their instrumentals. In a search to find lyricists to match the eerie yet mesmerizing sounds of The Opus, Mr. Echoes and The Isle of Weight discovered the talents of Meta Mo and Lumba, together known as the group, Rubberoom. The Opus' heart- wrenching beats combined with Rubberoom's crafty lyrics which evolved into a wild success.

The collaborations include four twelve-inch singles, a CD five, an EP, and an album. The EP, Gothic Architecture, was the beginning of a saga that continued with the group's subsequent album, Architechnology. Segments of Architechnology were displayed on MTV's Road Rules and also used in the X Games. Architechnology received national recognition, and ultimately became the product of a global record deal.

The Opus has since collaborated with a number of other artists such as DJ Krush, Meat Beat Manifesto, Slug from Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Murs , Pigeon John, I Self Devine and Earatik Statik. To date, the OPUS has released two EP's (Early Detection & Earthwalker), two full length CD's (First Contact & Breathing Lessons), and a special 12" series called the Movement Series, which was released exclusively in Japan. Currently, the OPUS is working on its 3rd studio LP titled "Box Cutters". The Opus' ultimate goal is to convey ingenuity and innovation throughout its work, while also retaining the originality that listeners have raved about since their first exposure to the production team's intricate style (The Opus, 2010).
You can listen to The Opus' music at:

Released Albums:
The Opus - First Contact 001
The Opus - Breathing Lessons
The Opus - Earthwalkers Ep
The Opus - Praying Mantis
The Opus - Blending Density

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