October 2, 2010

Artist of the Day: Arms and Sleepers

It was in July of 2006 that the members of Arms and Sleepers locked themselves in an old drafty apartment in Cambridge and began composing and recording new material. The last few years had been both exciting and promising playing with the dream pop outfit The List Exists, but in the end, even after two EPs and a US tour, the fate of the band was all too obvious. They say that with every death there is a birth, and in this case, that certainly proved to be true. Fed up with the recently failed music relationships, Max Lewis (programming, keyboards, bass) and Mirza Ramic (keyboards, bass) wasted no time in forming Arms and Sleepers, a project that would not limit itself to any artistic boundaries or music genres. The road was wide open, and Arms and Sleepers found themselves comfortably standing in the middle of it.

The result of these initial compositions was “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive”, a 7-song EP released through Fake Chapter Records in December of 2006. Mostly instrumental, this debut record is a warm offering of the band’s unique yet engaging sound. According to PlugInMusic.com, “Arms and Sleepers soar in with their multilayered sound on ‘Bliss…’ and make you forget that this debut EP is only their introduction.” N/A reviews writes, “Arms and Sleepers are venturing to bring in a new element to ambient music and it just happens to work perfectly.” After touring the US for several weeks in spring and summer 2007 and the release of a limited EP on Milkweed Records, “Black Paris ‘86” will be the bands first album (Expect Candy).

You can listen to Arms and Sleepers' music at:

Released Albums:
Arms and Sleepers - Matador
Arms and Sleepers - Black Paris 86
Arms and Sleepers - Lautlos EP
Arms and Sleepers - Cinematique
Arms and Sleepers - Bliss Was It In That Dawn To Be Alive EP
Arms and Sleepers - Limited Edition EP
Arms and Sleepers - From The Inland Sea EP
Arms and Sleepers - The Motorist EP

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