October 6, 2010

Artist of the Day: Waxolutionists

The Viennese producer and DJ trio - DJ Buzz, The Bionic Kid & DJ Zuzee - expanded the borders of hip-hop and dared to make trips to new musical territories without losing their orientation and spontaneity in their style of production. Live elements and sample-related production have always been a major part and a dash of turntablism habit has always given their projects its very own special flavour.

After their first 4 albums - The Smart Blip Experience in 1999, Plastic People in 2002, RE:WAX in 2003 and Counterfight in 2004 - numerous remixes & compilation joints followed. Working, remixing and producing with and for artists like Sofa Surfers, Stereotype, André Heller, Ray Cokes, Dave Ghetto, Mystic, Dj Vadim, Blade, Ty, Lyric L, Killa Kela, Pure P & Melo, Dj Flip and many more, they enjoyed massive airplay on Austrias no.1 independent radio FM4, appearances on the Worldwide Show, Solid Steel Radio, Radio Magnetic, various German shows like BTTB and over all the Austrian Music Award. The sound of the Waxolutionists gained friends all over the world - from Newzealand to Japan along to Mexico.

10 Years of Waxos and far from being tired - they still work busy as bees on their future. Besides numerous soloprojects (DJ Buzz with "The Cosmic War Of The Planets, Bionic Kid with Circus & 313Radio) they still find time and energy to perform & manage the collective & label Supercity together with Rapper Manuva (Supercity, 2010).

You can listen to Waxolutionists' music at:

Released Albums:
Waxolutionists - Nudists Essentials
Waxolutionists - The Smart Blip Experience
Waxolutionists - Plastic People
Waxolutionists - Counter Fight
Waxolutionists - We Paint Colors

(2010). Waxolutionists. Supercity. Retrieved from http://www.supercity.at/artists/waxolutionists/15-2.htm

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