October 18, 2010

Artist of the Day: Geskia! or Geskia

Geskia is undoubtedly the master of Japanese underground hip-hop and breakbeats. He started off his journey of sound making in 2001, and became a part of the down-beat unit “coma5”. Although Geskia’s music style is heavily influenced by industrial music (especially by Industrial icons like Coil and Einstürzende Neubauten), trip-hop movement and techno music, but by listening to the unique music that he has been creating, one can indubitably tell that Geskia has already established his very own distinctive music style and philosophy, and it has begun to mesmerize many people, including his fellow artists.

Geskia’s music concept is to reproduce the life around him, to reflect the connections of him with others, and to manifest his perspective about the world. Many established artists spoke highly of Geskia’s wonderful talent, including Dose-One (anticon, subtle, 13 & God), who described Geskia’s music as “very pretty, very well-made”.

It is Geskia’s aims to produce his music by using his sixth sense and subconscious connection with deliberate feelings. “To express those tiny magical moments in life with music” (Last.fm, 2010).

You can listen to Geskia!'s music at:


Released Albums:
Geskia - Silent 77
Geskia - Eclipse 323

(2010). Geskia. Last.fm. Retrieved from http://www.last.fm/music/geskia

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