July 2, 2010

Artist of the Day: 40 Winks

No hay banda! (“there is no band”, Mulholland Dr. 2001) pretty much sums up where 40 Winks aim to take their instrumental hip hop: meticulously chopping and pasting samples together to create an atmosphere of beats and vibes that steps beyond unimaginative loops. Their emphasis on creating vintage organically sounding beats has left people wondering why 40 Winks won’t perform live… The answer simply being, ”there is no band!”. 40 Winks hit the scene about 5 years ago with a slew of laidback beats. Eager to share their sound with the world, they released a couple of albums independently. The attention received from these records allowed them to build links with people and record labels from around the world. One of these independently released albums, More Than Loops, was reissued in Japan on Swamp Records. From then on the ball kept rolling. On their first worldwide release, Extended Pleasure on Escapism Records (2005), they reached listeners well beyond the (instrumental) hip hop community with the song “melancholia”. After appearances on compilations, like Weapons of Hope on Little-D (2006), they got a chance to do their thing on the renowned label, Merck Records with Sound Puzzle (2007). All these exotic international adventures led them back to Europe, where the German based Project Mooncircle welcomed them with a spot on the compilation Heart on the right spot (2007). Right now 40 Winks are preparing to release their latest album on Project Mooncircle, called The Lucid Effect. This will be released on LP, CD and MP3 in 2008 (Project: Mooncircle, 2009). 

You can listen to 40 Winks' music at:

Released Albums:
40 Winks - The Lucid Effect
40 Winks - Sound Puzzle
40 Winks - Extended Pleasure
40 Winks - More Than Loops (Japanese Edition)
40 Winks - More Than Loops
40 Winks - Hit the Hay
40 Winks - April to July (demo)

(2009). 40 Winks. Project: Mooncircle. Retrieved from http://www.projectmooncircle.com/artists/21

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