July 3, 2010

Artist of the Day: Jemapur

Jemapur is a very young and very bright artist from Shizuoka, Japan. At the age of just 20, he released his first album, Dok Springs, from Hyde Out Productions, a Tokyo-based label which is run by Nujabes, the Japanese hip hop / electronica artist. The album did quite well for an indie release in Japan, and showed off his mature and subtle taste in melody, arrangement, as well as quick cut-up editing and sample usage a-la Prefuse 73.

His music continues to evolve however much beyond a singular style and at his age he has plenty of time to grow. He offers some of his music independently on the website Lakho which he runs personally. He has remixed Machine Drum, among others, and created tracks for 志人 / 玉兎 [Shibito], of the Japanese underground hip-hop group 降 神 [Origami]. Jemapur was also featured on the compilation Beat Architecture released July 2007 from Easel Japan, notably alongside artists Riow Arai, Hidenobu Ito, Taichi, and others (Last.fm, 2010). 

You can listen to Jemapur's music at:

Released Albums:
Jemapur - Evacuation
Jemapur - Dok Springs
Jemapur - Sans Titre Ep
Jemapur - Early Works 2001-2002

(2010). Jemapur. Last.fm. Retrieved from http://www.last.fm/music/Jemapur

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