July 9, 2010

Artist of the Day: Fingathing

Fingathing are an instrumental jazz / hip-hop band from Manchester, UK, comprising classically trained Double bass player Sneaky and DJ / turntablist Peter Parker.

The duo first performed together as part of the backing band for Rae & Christian before teaming up. Over the course of the years, they have released several full length albums ; ‘The Main Event’ (2000), ‘Superhero Music’ (2002) and ‘Fingathing and the Big Red Nebula Band’ (2004), with a best of compilation following the year after. Since then, the band have parted company with the label responsible for the above output, Grand Central, leaving them currently unsigned.

They have, however, managed to continue to churn out material via not only via their myspace site but also with the occasional mix release; the ‘Life after Death’, ‘Biscuit’ and ‘Bloody Axe’ mixes, along with the 2006 EP ‘Apocalypso’, have all been self-funded.

With turntables, an upright bass and bold live animations of crazy mutants in tow, Fingathing are a mass fusion of technical effects and live instruments creating an explosion of far-flung funk and crunching avant hip-hop. The grooves grip tighter than a black hole, the drums smack the cheeks like an asteroid rain-storm, and the bass rumbles and hums like an imploding star (Last.fm, 2010).

You can listen to Fingathing's music at:

Released Albums:
Fingathing - 2 Player Ep
Fingathing - The Main Event
Fingathing - Superhero Music
Fingathing - And The Big Red Nebula Band
Fingathing - Time Capsule
Fingathing - Apocalypso Ep
Fingathing - Biscuit Mix
Fingathing - Bloody Axe Mix
Fingathing - Life After Death Mix

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