July 10, 2010

Artist of the Day: P-Love

Paolo Kapunan moved to Montreal in 1995 to study trumpet at McGill University. Somewhere between ear training classes and choir practice, the trumpet took a back seat to the turntables, the alter-ego “P-Love” was born, and in 2000, he was whisked away by his friend Kid Koala on a series of tours throughout North America and Europe as the extra pair of hands. He has also recorded and toured with artists such as Medeski, Martin & Wood, Amon Tobin, and Sixtoo. In 2005, Paolo performed Nicole Lizée’s “RPM” with the Canadian Chamber Ensemble as part of the Open Ears festival in Kitchener, Ontario, and has performed other Lizée pieces with the Orchestre Métropolitain de Grand Montréal and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Paolo’s debut full-length album All Up in Your Mind was released in 2005 on Montreal-based Bully Records and distributed worldwide through British/Canadian label Ninja Tune. He and Mrs. P currently live in New York, where he plays various instruments for the Brooklyn-based band Taxi Taxi, which serendipitously consists of other McGill alumni (The Not-So-Adventurous Adventures of that Kid P-love).

You can listen to P-Love's music at:

Released Albums:
P-Love - All Up In Your Mind
P-Love - Quasi: Altercations Ep with Matt Kelly

That Kid P-Love. The Not-So-Adventurous Adventures of that Kid P-love. Retrieved from http://www.weloveplove.net/

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