July 23, 2010

Artist of the Day: Negghead

After returning from an extensive tour/trip to down under (which took him 6 months), the man dan ward aka NEGGHEAD found yet another excuse for not returning to his normal life in leeds/UK.

Yet another ibiza summer season keeps him busy yet another time as he is a) resident dj @ the infamous CAFE MAMBO again, b) co-hosting our WAX DA JAM- and WAX DA BEACH events at AURA and KUMHARAS alongside e.a.s.e., c) busy as 50% of the ridiculously talented ACID MONDAYS and D) constantly on patrol in all sorts of ibiza clubs, doing some researching re. the most banging beats, the ultimate hangover cure & ting.

With the amazing worldwide reactions to both his scrambled negg album as well as his latest EP “shifting sands“ on top, chances are our man NEGGHEAD will not really need to go back to his normal life back in leeds/UK for now. and here’s why… listen for yourself (Wax On Records, 2010).

You can listen to Negghead's music at:

Released Albums:
Negghead - Scrambled Negg
Negghead - Super Skeleton Ep
Negghead - Shifting Sands Ep
Negghead - Blast Ep

(2010). Negghead. Wax On Records. Retrieved from http://www.waxonrecords.com/artists/view/negghead

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